BioSWOT-Med blog: The rosette for the BioSWOT-Med has arrived in Marseille

The rosette of INSU CNRS has just arrived in Marseille. The technicians of the Atmosphere and Sea Service at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography will begin to equip it for the #BioSWOT-Med campaign! 

A rosette sampler (also known as a CTD-rosette or carousel) is a device used for water sampling in deep water. Rosette samplers are used in the ocean and large inland water bodies to investigate water quality. Rosette samplers are a key piece of equipment in #oceanography. 

The rosette of the Technical Division of INSU CNRS is made of 24 sampling bottles, each one of a volume of 12 L, that are clustered around a cylinder situated in the center of the assembly where there is a sensing system called Sea-Bird or CTD, that stands for “Conductivity, Temperature and Depth”. 

The water samples collected in the framework of the #BioSWOT-Med campaign will be used to carry out experiments to estimate net #phytoplankton community production.  

The #BioSWOT-Med campaign is carried out by the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in collaboration with IFREMER, CNRS, IRD and it is one of the 20 oceanographic campaigns carried out by the SWOT-AdAC Consortium.

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