Procedure to join the SWOT Adopt-A-Crossover (AdAC) Consortium as an Adopter Member 

An Adopter Member is an official member who is planning to perform in situ experiments / campaigns on a crossover or ground track segment of the SWOT fast sampling phase orbit. Applications from campaigns occurring during the nominal phase are also considered.

To apply to become an Adopter Member, please send a description of your proposed activity/campaign (2 pages max) including: 

  • Location 
  • Type of experiment / campaign 
  • Timing of the experiment / campaign 
  • Status (financed or not)
  • List of collaborators (including a certification that all the partners of the planned activity have been informed of the application to the SWOT AdAC Consortium)
  • Contact details of the person acting as contact point for that site

Please also send a short text (one paragraph to one-page) and if possible some images as material that will be displayed on the AdAC site if the application is approved. 

Send your application to one of the Executive Members of the SWOT AdAC Steering Group not directly involved in the proposed activity and study site.    

In case of multiple projects and campaigns associated with the same site, the SWOT AdAC Steering Group strongly encourages one single membership application from a researcher acting as a contact point for that site.

Researchers interested in joining the SWOT AdAC Consortium are welcome to contact the Members of Steering Group before preparing their application in order to check their eligibility or in case of questions regarding the AdAC Consortium. 

Approval steps

Step 1 / Reviewer recommendation 

The Steering Group Member who received the application will review the application or find another Steering Group Member with the necessary expertise to act as a reviewer of the proposed activity. The reviewer examines the application, formulates a recommendation, and then shares the documents with the other Members of the AdAC Steering Group. 

Step 2 / Steering Group decision

Members of the Steering Group have 1 week to review the application and eventually express an opinion contrary to the reviewer’s recommendation; otherwise the recommendation of the reviewer will be acted upon automatically. In case of non-unanimity, the AdAC Steering Group will take one additional week to allow discussion among its members, and then a final decision will be taken by the majority. 


The “Adopter” membership is granted for one year and renewed automatically unless the Steering Group decides otherwise.

The Adopter Member commits to inform the AdAC Steering Group of any major change (e.g., in funding, timing) of the planned in situ activity.