oceanliner: observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) to subsample high-resolution model output as if by gliders, ships, or other in situ platforms.

The Git-Hub notebook oceanliner is being developed as part of a NASA-funded SWOT Science Team project to develop tools for planning in situ oceanographic campaigns that will take place after SWOT’s launch, notably as part of the SWOT-AdAC program.

The package takes an input trajectory (e.g., the path of an ocean glider), subsamples output from a high-resolution ocean simulation along that trajectory, and returns a set of subsampled variables (e.g., standard physical variables temperature, salinity, velocity; derived physical quantities such as steric height; biogeochemical quantities if available). We envision this package having two potential uses: 1) designing in situ sampling strategies, and 2) interpreting in situ data in the context of a high resolution model.

The package is led by Kyla Drushka (kdrushka@apl.uw.edu) with contributions from Manjaree Binjolkar. Code was developed in part during OceanHackWeek21 with team Dhruv Balwada, Cassia Cai, Diana LaScala-Gruenewald and Iury Simoes-Sousa.

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