In order to facilitate exchange of ideas and results among the four sites of the FilaChange workshop we are holding a “Virtual Poster Session”.  For this, all participants to the workshop (whether they are giving a talk or a poster) are warmly invited to make a synthesis of their contribution by filling the four-slide template at the bottom of this page.

These contributions are intended will be diffused on Twitter providing further material for the round tables and interactions among sites. They will also be shared on a secure repository for those that are not on Twitter and for long-term archiving.

The content of these contributions does not necessarily need to be the same as that of talks or printed poster.

While preparing your “Virtual Poster”, keep in mind that an important outcome of this multi-site workshop is to draft a community paper on ocean fine scales, identifying the main recent key advancements, incoming opportunities, and future possible outstanding knowledge locks. Do not hesitate to include in your Virtual Poster your vision about these issues!

1. Use the template

2. Upload your contribution as Power Point here.

3. Take part to Virtual Poster Session on Twitter following the @SWOT_AdAC account.