Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: The Black Sea – Second cruise

After completing measurements in the eastern Black Sea, R/V Bilim-2 revisited the western Black Sea. Anticyclonic eddy observed during the first cruise could still be observed by mid-June.

Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: the Black Sea campaign

After completing the SWOT-grid, R/V Bilim-2 conducted the rest of the sampling stations in Marmara Sea, and moved on to the Black Sea.

Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: The Marmara campaign

The R/V Bilim-2 left its port in the Mediterranean coast on 20th May 2023, and headed for the Marmara Sea. R/V Bilim-2’s Marmara cruise aim was to complete measurements along the SWOT satellite track, as well as conducting regular seasonal measurements for monitoring projects (e.g. pollution, mucilage, hypoxia).

The new wave of oceanographers: Anıl Akpınar

Postdoctoral researcher focusing on observational physical oceanography through remote sensing and autonomous instruments