BioSWOT-Med blog: Countdown to the BioSWOT-Med campaign

On Monday 6th March over 40 researchers took part in the Pre-cruise meeting of the BioSWOT-Med campaign which will showcase the potential of next generation altimetry for plankton studies.  

Over 40 researchers took part in the BioSWOT-Med Pre-cruise meeting held on Monday 6th March at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, Campus of Luminy, in Marseille, and online.  Within SWOT AdAC there are now 21 offshore campaigns and BioSWOT-Med and California Cal/Val are the 2 leader cruises, supported by NASA and CNES.

The BioSWOT-Med campaign is an interdisciplinary and international campaign, which will focus on acquiring data that will allow to better understand the bio-physical coupling at fine scales, taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by SWOT data.

Researchers exchanged on the scientific questions and research hypotheses that will be tackled during the campaign, as well as on operational aspects of the sea campaign.

A big thank you to Pascal Lesage, Aurélia Lozingot, Anne Casanova and Azdine Sid who helped organizing this fruitful day!

The presentations of the day are available at this link.

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