QUICCHE blog: The campfire at night

Hi everyone!

My name is Rachel Sampson, I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Miami and I am already swimming in research out here in the Cape Cauldron!

As you all know from previous posts, one of the Beal lab’s specialties will be deploying two 4,000-meter moorings which include ~50 instruments on each. This morning, we have finally picked up our winch used to deploy the moorings. As I write, we are setting sail back out into the Cape to deploy both later this week.

Everyone is relieved and excited that the last piece is set to go!

While our days have been filled with deploying and recovering instruments, at night we are watching the sunset trying to catch a glimpse of the infamous green flash. I will leave you with this picture of our beautiful “campfire” where we spent the night singing along to a ukulele and learning the dances for Jerusalem by Master KG and the macarena! Can’t wait for the second half of the journey!

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