QUICCHE blog: The Wave Glider Deployment

The Wave Glider is one of the many oceanographic instruments used in the QUICCHE campaign.

The Wave Glider deployment.

Ahoy from the R/V Roger Revelle!

I am Tesha Toolsee from the Southern Ocean Carbon-Climate Observatory (SOCCO-CSIR) in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a 2nd year PhD candidate researching the impact of storms and meso-submesoscale features on the air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide (CO2) using insights from autonomous robots known as the Wave Glider!

The Wave Glider has the ability to take meteorological measurements as well as atmospheric and oceanic CO2 observations, amongst others, making them crucial observing platforms in remote part of the ocean. I joined the QUICCHE team to help deploy one of those Wave Glider and take underway CO2 measurements from the ship, all of which will help improve our understanding of the fine sub-mesoscale air-sea CO2 exchange which governs the Agulhas leakage.

What makes QUICCHE a one-of-a-kind expedition for me is the use of a large array of instruments which include gliders, CTD, profiling floats, vertical microstructure profiler, wireflyer, moorings, drifters, and of course, all collocating with the SWOT crossover! An Oceanographer’s pot of gold, right?

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