Baie de Veys and Raz Blanchard blog: The Raz Blanchard field site is all set up and running

For the Normandie field campaign at the Raz Blanchard site, we completed last week the installation of the in instruments on the rooftop of the semaphore de La Hague as illustrated on Figure 1:

  • a GNSS receiver that will be used for reflectometry to get water heights
  • 2 camera systems that will provide pixel stacks with continuous information on the water/sand limit as well as a description of the nearshore waves (breakpoint, swash edge, …)

Both systems were installed to be controlled remotely. The setup lasted for 2 days (Feb 20th and Feb 21st) and was a complicated process due to the longer of the cables (50 meters), the military restrictions (due to an already heavily instrumented site) as well as the complexity of the building itself. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show part of the setup of the system and its calibration. These instruments will stay on site for 1 year in total and will be removed in February 2024.

A special thanks to the field team that was composed of David Gutierrez, Laurent Benoit, Ernesto Tonatiuh and Laurent Froideval.

Figure 1 – GNSS receiver and 2 camera systems (left), camera view (middle), semaphore of La Hague (right)
Figure 2 – Rooftop setup (left), ground control points for the cameras (right)
Figure 3 – camera setup (left), power supply setup (right)