Welcome to QUICCHE blog!

Welcome! Our ECS will be posting 2/3 times a week talking about their science/experiences/food/life on board our home for a month, R/V Roger Revelle.

Credits: Yueng-Djern Lenn.

I’m honored to start this blog! I’m Estel Font, PhD student at University of Gothenburg, part of PolarGliders group and FLOW lab. During QUICCHE, I’m in charge of deploying a large fleet of autonomous platforms (2 SeaExplorers, 1 SeaGlider, 2 Sailbuoys and 1 Waveglider) together with my other PolarGliders colleagues. Loads of different sensors, from met sensors and surface data to water column nitrates, oxygen, currents and turbulence!

QUICCHE started 3 days ago with amazing views of the beautiful coast of Cape Town under a stunning rainbow, some seals, loads of birds, a whale and a sunfish! Everyone was happy and excited about what was coming next, but soon after that a storm came, not being very gentle with most of us onboard. Day 3 was calmer, and we were all feeling way better. It was PolarGliders day to rock! We successfully deployed 3 of our 6 instruments, which are already riding eddies and turbulent waters! Data is starting to flow and looks amazing! See picture attached of all our happy faces prior to deployment!

I leave it here for now! Soon another ECS with more exciting information for you! Let’s keep taking bites of this precious piece of the ocean! #QUICCHE