By Alexandre Barboni Sunset aboard the R/V L’Atalante along the French Mediterranean coast. C-SWOT campaign already started few days ago, and since Toulon we already sampled the Cassidaigne canyon offshore Marseille and its beautiful cliffs at sunset. We did not count working hours to sample the canyon, but lots of measurements were obtained and the view was … Continued

The first part of the C-SWOT campaign is dedicated to measurements in the Cassidaigne submarine canyon, located in the Gulf of Lion, Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, 7 km off Marseilles. By Lénaïg Brun Presentation of the Cassidaigne canyon The Cassidaigne submarine canyon is located in a very active circulation area. First, the water masses are forced by strong … Continued

The C-SWOT campaign just started on March 21st in Toulon on the French Mediterranean coast. Lenaïg (left), Jean-Baptiste (center) and Alexandre (right). Credits: Claire Chafaux. We are three PhD students from the Laboratoire d’Oceanographie Physique et Spatiale (Brest) on board R/V L’Atalante to cover this blog : Lenaïg, Jean-Baptiste and Alexandre. C-SWOT is joint cooperative … Continued

PhD student investigating ocean circulation and surface dynamics at fine scales. Margot Demol is a PhD student at the he Physical and Space Oceanography Laboratory (LOPS) in Plouzané, France. SWOT AdAC: What is your research field and how did you choose it? Margot Demol: I study the physics of the ocean, and more specifically the circulation and … Continued