Interview – How will the timing of SWOT fast-sampling phase impact which ocean processes can be studied?

The nominal Cal/Val period for the SWOT satellite has been updated to end of March – end of June 2023, during which fast-sampling phase data will be acquired for science validation. This means that satellite data available to SWOT-AdAC Consortium to compare with in situ observations correspond to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and to autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. What is the quality that can be expected for SSH maps during the fast-sampling phase? Which

Postdoc position: exploring the Agulhas leakage and its variability

A two-years Postdoctoral Associate position in the Beal Lab at the Rosenstiel School, University of Miami in the NSF QUICCHE project.

Postdoc position: Ocean biophysical interactions

A postdoctoral research position is now open at LOCEAN-IPSL, Sorbonne University (Paris, France) to investigate the impact of density fronts on phytoplankton abundance and diversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

First version of “Search SWOT passes” released

A new dedicated visualization tool for a quick look at where SWOT has been, where it is, and where it will be.

Welcome to Lloyd Izard, the new SWOT AdAC Data Officer

The newly-appointed Data Officer Lloyd Izard will collaborate with SWOT AdAC members to compile information on data collected during SWOT AdAC cruises and will provide assistance with technical work for data validation.

The new wave of oceanographers: Lloyd Izard

Quantitative marine ecologist and SWOT AdAC Data Officer

The new wave of oceanographers: Yann-Treden Tranchant

Physical oceanographer with a strong interest in satellite altimetry and research affinities at the intersection of oceanography, geophysics, geodesy, and instrumentation.

ACC-SMST blog: what instruments are being deployed during the campaign?

Gliders, drifters and Argo floats, as well as a tall mooring, a Triaxus and a CTD rosette will be deployed during the ACC-SMST campaign

FaSt-SWOT blog: “From space to the Mediterranean: Chasing ocean currents”

A short documentary film captures the experience of IMEDEA and SOCIB oceanographers during the calibration campaign of the new SWOT satellite at the center of the FaST-SWOT project.

ACC-SMST blog: Scientists voyage to the Southern Ocean to investigate how climate change impacts the planet’s strongest current

CSIRO’s research vessel (RV) Investigator is heading into the heart of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: The Black Sea – Second cruise

After completing measurements in the eastern Black Sea, R/V Bilim-2 revisited the western Black Sea. Anticyclonic eddy observed during the first cruise could still be observed by mid-June.