SWOT Science Team Meeting

The 2023 SWOT Science Team Meeting will be held in Toulouse, France, from 19 to 22 September 2023.

SWOT session at Ocean Sciences Meeting

A SWOT session will be held at the 2024 Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans. The submission deadline is 13 September 2023.  

SWOT orbit change update

After the orbit change, the KaRIn will start the mission on the Science Orbit on July 25th.

SWOT orbit transition starting July 11th

The transition from SWOT "fast-sampling" phase to SWOT "nominal orbit" phase will start on July 11th.

Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: the Black Sea campaign

After completing the SWOT-grid, R/V Bilim-2 conducted the rest of the sampling stations in Marmara Sea, and moved on to the Black Sea.

Marmara Sea and Black Sea blog: The Marmara campaign

The R/V Bilim-2 left its port in the Mediterranean coast on 20th May 2023, and headed for the Marmara Sea. R/V Bilim-2’s Marmara cruise aim was to complete measurements along the SWOT satellite track, as well as conducting regular seasonal measurements for monitoring projects (e.g. pollution, mucilage, hypoxia).

North West Pacific blog: four mooring arrays in the STCC region

In the North West Pacific SWOT CalVal site four mooring arrays have been placed within SWOT swath in the Subtropicl Countercurrent (STCC) region.

SWOT keeping maneuver planned for June 16th

The next SWOT keeping maneuver is planned on June 16th 2023 @04:18:52 TAI.

SWOT station keeping maneuver planned on the 2nd of June

The next SWOT station keeping maneuver is planned on June 2nd 2023 at 03:04:02 TAI.

Postdoc position: Developing new data-driven methods for inferring subsurface ocean transport from SWOT data

A postdoctoral associate position is now open at the Courant's Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science, New York University (NY, USA) for developing new data-driven methods, leveraging ocean dynamics together with machine learning, for inferring subsurface ocean transport from SWOT data.